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We are a team of curious tech geeks ready to undertake cutting-edge technologies to deliver scalable cloud computing services and sustainable offshore software development. We recruit seasoned SMEs, and software engineers to take forward clients' crucial products with SPOC (Single Point Of Contact); identify the risk, undertake business case progress, and accordingly communicate with respective counterparts to conduct client feedback. You can use our expertise to build product development teams with various skill-sets to accelerate product release cycles.


Our software development and cloud computing outsourcing services

Software Development Outsourcing Services

Want to hire a software engineer for a software engineering project and are not sure about outsourcing quality? You have just reached the place where you will find the gems. Our software engineers will help you build projects with agile software development, python, java, .NET, Django, PHP, and Ruby on Rails. We specialize in custom software development with a focus on web development, backend development, and full stack development.

Hire Remote DevOps Engineer

A DevOps Engineer will not only help you improve your infrastructure services, but will also solve all of your scripting problems. Hire one and get the best DevOps Engineer who can also take care of cloud computing infrastructure and also help you with CI & CD infrastructure while deploying different infrastructure software on the web server and troubleshooting.

The Offshore Product Development team

Software product development is serious work that involves product design and development. It requires close monitoring and proper planning as the product development plan would involve prototype development, testing, beta testing, and ultimately the deployment cycle. We provide Software Development Services, which include fully managed software services, which will help take your company to the next level.

Cloud Computing Services

Are you worried about DevOps services and production support? Well, you have come to the right place. Our dedicated and focused team will help you with your pipeline in DevOps. The team of engineers helps you with infrastructure support, cloud services, release management, CI CD pipeline management, and Linux, along with a plethora of other services. You can design your infrastructure and plan for the future!

Web Development Services

Want to hire a front-end developer for website development? We have the best talent pool of software developers and engineers where you can choose the best fit. Our Web Developers are fully equipped with the knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, and Bootstrap 5, and will also work as UI/UX developers to enhance the GUI you are using to hire the dedicated team from us.

Mobile App Development Services

The Android and iPhone, as smart phones, have changed the outlook of the world. Therefore, a dedicated team which gels in Android app development and iPhone app development along with website development is the need of the hour. We at Checkmate will provide you an app developer who will see to it that you get what you have planned and will also advise you to change and update the app as per your needs.

UI/UX Designing Services

UI UX design is crucial for a cohesive user experience. Our UI UX designers work with all the modern tools of graphic design like Adobe Creative Cloud, Angular, React, React JS, Adobe Photoshop and much more. Checkmate will help you hire a designer who will help you engage more customers and, in the process, increase the visibility of your organization. Hire today and get the best talent pool in the industry with an excellent engagement model.

Offshore Software Testing Services

Quality is what separates good software from a bad one, and testing the software helps you close in on quality. While working with Checkmate, you will get software quality assurance. A QA Engineer who is proficient with Apache JMeter and Selenium testing is in our pool of talent. We can also provide you a QA tester who can help you keep tab on errors arising in the software after its development, so that smooth functioning happens.

Technology Innovation

Looking for a Cloud Computing expert to guide you through infra related issues, DevOps Services, app development, MVP development, Mobile software development? Well, you are in the right place. At Checkmate you will get a dedicated engineer who can work from a remote location and solve all your problems related to software. Our engineers are experts in the fields of software development, cloud DevOps, software testing, project management, mobile app development, and UI/UX. You will surely get the best price and quality with our engagement model that is focused on giving the best.


Our IT Services Engagement Model

Technology Partner offshore You can depend on

A complete solution for all of your cloud computing service, IT support, and software development outsourcing. At Checkmate, you will get a faster new product launch and also very reliable daily infrastructure operation management. You will get the best-in-class infrastructure support. We also go through Dee screening while on board so that we can understand your needs and modulate our services accordingly. We are proud to be among the best offshore software development and IT outsourcing companies.

Want to Hire Dedicated Software Developer

A software developer is a crucial cog in the infrastructure and, hence, needs to be the right one. A good software developer will bridge the gap in your staff resources. We can help you hire a highly experienced engineer who will handle your needs like app development, cloud computing services, DevOps management, IT services outsourcing, and also develop custom software solutions for any business need. At Checkmate, you have the option of (1) project-based hiring, (2) hourly pricing, or (3) dedicating an engineer to your project as your extended team so that you can have the maximum benefits.

Set Up an Offshore Product Development Team

If you are looking to optimise your finances while also working to build and ramp up your software development fast to fit your needs, then you have come to the right place. We provide software development outsourcing services, which will give you agile development and MVP software development. Our team of software engineers and developers will always keep tab on the latest developments and also make sure that your infrastructure is holding up. At Checkmate, you can build a product development team and also keep full control of it on your side.

Technology Consulting

We at Checkmate provide the best way to design the product with the talent pool of an offshore remote engineering team. We have rich technical advisors who will give you proven IT architects, providing the best offshore location for product development. We are geared to provide the best of next-generation technology. Our remote product management team is capable of handling all of your customer and product-related needs. Infrastructure engineering is one of the key strengths of Checkmate. Just check in with us or call on the 24x7 functional numbers and get the best of skills and the best value for money spent.


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