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Custom Software Development

Do your software applications need to be updated, integrated, or customized to improve their functionality? As a digital transformation company, we make sure that every necessary software development methodology is incorporated into our process in order to create remarkable custom software solutions that are secure, reliable, and agile. With the help of a dynamic software development team of vetted software developers, we can seamlessly incorporate the customers ’ requirements into the finished project, resulting in the management of a platform that is user-centric and perfectly market-appealing. With the aid of a high-performance product engineering team that can offer creative and innovative IT solutions, we redefine your digital transformation experience.

We ensure that it is suitable for your product development and geared toward custom software solutions created to meet your product development objectives. We can assure you effective returns on your investments by providing scalable and robust development for your product. Effective product development is ensured by our cutting-edge agile development best practices. The ideal answer for your software projects is custom software development because every organization has unique software operations. It lowers security concerns, gives users the flexibility to utilize and update the application, and makes it simple to integrate within your company's already-existing software and applications.

Through the development of cutting-edge software solutions, Checkmate Global Technologies has been able to assist companies to surpass their competitors while increasing profitability and efficiency. To address diverse company difficulties, improve daily IT operations, and foster growth, we have been offering startups in diverse industries first-rate product engineering services and customized software development services.

Product life-cycle management

Checkmate global technologies manage the entire product development life cycle ensuring product stability in the rapidly changing digital transformation age. We have developed a variety of product life-cycle management best practices to automate and optimize the full product managment lifecycle, from product conceptualization to design, production deployment, maintaining production uptime, and incident management. You will get improved daily IT operation and prompt production releases, and reduce execution time with the help of our offshore engineering team. We manage your product development goals throughout all phases, monitor progress and ensure accountability through analysis and monitoring. Our comprehensive Product Lifecycle Management services enable brainstorming, modelling, product design, product development, research and development through prototyping, management and deployment, continuous integration, application lifecycle management, and software application support. Customers receive a reliable and consistent product from our product development lifecycle management services throughout the duration of the product's life. Product management services are offered by Checkmate Global Technologies to aid in the creation of new software products.

product development services

Technologies We Use

  • Airflow
  • amazon_sqs
  • amazon-aurora
  • amazon-redshift
  • Android
  • angular
  • apache_activemq
  • apache_cassandra
  • apache_flink
  • Apache_Storm
  • bootstrap
  • brand_statamic
  • django
  • dot_net
  • drupal
  • Facebook_Messenger
  • flutter
  • golang
  • html5
  • iOS
  • java
  • joomla
  • jQueary
  • Kafka
  • Magento
  • mariadb
  • MEAN-Stack
  • memcached
  • mongodb
  • MS-SQL-Server
  • Neo4j
  • node_js
  • oracle
  • Python
  • php
  • Postgre-SQL
  • rabbitmq
  • rails
  • react
  • redis
  • shopify
  • slack
  • spring
  • swift
  • Teradata
  • twilio
  • woo-commerce
  • wordpress

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