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  • AWS
  • Google-Cloud
  • Amazon-Athena
  • Amazon-EKS
  • Anisble
  • Apache
  • AWS-Guard-Duty
  • Bash
  • CHEF
  • CloudFormation
  • Data-Pipeline
  • docker
  • Elastic-Search
  • GitHub
  • Grafana
  • Grorvy
  • HELM
  • Jenkins
  • Kafka
  • Kubernetes
  • Lambda
  • Microsoft-Azure
  • Nagios
  • New-Relic
  • Prometheus
  • Puppet
  • Python
  • redhat
  • Ruby
  • selenium
  • Serverless
  • Splunk
  • Sumo-Logic
  • Terraform
  • Windows
cloud computing services

Cloud Engineering for Startups

Checkmate global technologies provide essential cloud engineering services for your Cloud DevOps infrastructure management. The cloud engineering services come with total IT infrastructure support to cater to your needs. Our skilled Cloud DevOps engineer can build CI/CD pipeline that deploys your application more efficiently, saving you significant infrastructure management efforts, and cloud infrastructure costs. We adopt risk-free infrastructure management practices through our customized Cloud DevOps infrastructure solutions, covering Continuous Integration & Delivery management, daily IT operation management, serverless computing, cloud automation, Cloud cost control, CICD release pipeline management, Infrastructure Security & Risk, and infrastructure operation optimization. Giving your company a competitive edge in Cloud infrastructure solutions and DevOps pipeline management helping you scale your application with cloud-native routing software.

We are a company that offers affordable cloud DevOps engineering solutions and a dedicated DevOps engineering team to take full-scale responsibility for your IT infrastructure. Robust and reliable cloud DevOps infrastructure solutions are offered to our clients by including many layers of Cloud Platforms management, Cloud Infrastructure Automation, Kubernetes onboarding, storage management, and DevOps Infrastructure security that include authentication, encryption, access control, and cybersecurity measures. The responsibility for overseeing your cloud infrastructure will be managed by our offshore cloud DevOps team, minimizing application downtime and any technical errors. At the end of the day, we make sure that our customer receives benefits from our risk-free application deployment, architecture and strategy, and best consulting which includes cloud DevOps operation management, Kubernetes onboarding, infrastructure automation, CICD pipeline management, application product release management, Kubernetes onboarding or hybrid deployment that can operate in the highly secured and reliable cloud infrastructure. We provide you with the opportunity to flourish in any cloud infrastructure suitable for your organization.

DevOps Management

Utilize our DevOps services to speed up application releases.

Our Cloud DevOps engineers have extensive technical expertise in DevOps pipeline management and have handled complex challenges for clients in various countries. We use cutting-edge tools and the latest DevOps methodologies to accomplish your product development objectives more efficiently while lowering risk and cloud infrastructure expenses. With the aid of our adaptable DevOps solution, you can build a more dynamic, efficient, result-oriented, and reliable cloud environment that supports regular IT operations and product development scalability. We specialize in optimizing the performance and scalability of your existing CI CD pipelines.

We at Checkmate global technologies, assist in building scalable application release pipelines and enhance the cloud infrastructure capabilities by utilizing the most advanced Cloud DevOps tools or services to accelerate product releases, reduce infrastructure risk, cloud cost control and better infrastructure endpoints monitoring, within your products.

In addition, to alleviate your daily IT operation troubles, our specialized strategies assist in delivering daily operation management, automated code testing, blue-green automated deployment, and risk assessment while maintaining resiliency.

At Checkmate Global Technologies, we foster an inclusive environment and provide our Cloud DevOps engineers with social responsibility training, which naturally inspires them to embark on challenging software projects and proactively assist in identifying operational lapses. We leverage each team member's individual abilities to support them in their work.

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DevSecOps Services

Rapid, economical DevSecOps software delivery from Checkmate Global Technologies

Software Development, product releases, application security, and daily IT operations collectively go by the acronym DevSecOps. It's a process of a software development methodology about Cloud DevOps infrastructure, CI&CD, product release pipelines, Cloud automation, and IT philosophy that considers application security as a shared task through the entire product lifecycle.

DevSecOps enables the development of secure software products at the effectiveness of Agile management and DevOps services by automatically integrating secure Continuous Integration & Delivery at every stage of the software development lifecycle. The goal of DevSecOps is to efficiently raise the security competency of software development.

We orchestrate a personalized approach for application vulnerability testing using our modular route architecture, ensuring a broader application security spectrum as per client application requirements. Our essential security checks are conducted continuously by our DevSecOps solutions.

Security in DevSecOps is fully automated and integrated within the DevOps pipeline, responsible for conducting embedded and automated checks for cybersecurity threats and addressing them in the most optimal manner. If a firm employs a continuous integration/continuous delivery pipeline to deploy its software, vulnerability testing can be incorporated into an automated test for operations teams to utilize.

Find out more about our DevSecOps solution to speed up security vulnerability patching with reliable automation, configuration management, and serverless computing

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Cloud DevOps Services

Cloud Operations Management

Checkmate Global Technologies' highly experienced infrastructure engineering team with cloud infrastructure management excellency can take command over cloud management challenges. Using cloud operation management increases productivity and reduces disruption risk. Delivering the quality and agility that clients expect, lowering the cloud infrastructure cost. Through our strategic resource planning and deployment, our cloud operations management solutions are created to enable governance, cloud automation, and smarter visibility. We make sure that all criteria are satisfied in accordance with industry standards by managing cloud daily infrastructure operations, infrastructure security & compliance, cloud cost optimization, and optimal infrastructure usage.

Cloud Migration

Whether it be public, private, or hybrid, we at Checkmate Global Technologies will assist you in selecting the appropriate approach to ensure a seamless migration to the cloud. With our cloud migration services, your company's productivity will rise while investing less in physical resources. Our cloud migration services will enable you to quickly migrate your digital assets, database resources, application services, application product storage, and critical infrastructure while assuring a secure and efficient deployment on the cloud. We do this by using established cloud DevOps methodologies and approaches. You can move to the cloud through appropriate tools, frameworks, engineering excellence workflow, structure executions, and industry collaborations from our cloud migration services.

Cloud Architecture & Strategy

By implementing our key strategic movements, which have been carefully crafted for shifting towards a competitive advantage on cloud infrastructure. To assist you in achieving your cloud DevOps engineering objectives, we redesign your IT infrastructure framework for the cloud using our cloud strategy methodology. We guarantee that you can gain corporate value with our cost-effective infrastructure solutions by enhancing efficiency and simplifying your software product releases pipelines and resources with safe application deployment and implementation. We can provide customized DevOps solutions to the way you perceive the cloud.Checkmate global technologies' professional services team will create a customized plan after determining your company's needs.

Cloud Engineering

Is your company using cloud computing services, but you're still not getting all the benefits? In that case, you require our cloud engineering team. Our methodical approach is well-designed to resolve daily cloud DevOps infrastructure challenges and entails the establishment of a full cloud infrastructure that provides cloud support to your custom software development objectives. Using cloud engineering services to implement the technical aspects of cloud computing, cloud application development, infrastructure management and application release planning. Our vetted cloud engineers assist with cloud support, product lifecycle management, Incident management, and troubleshooting daily IT operation issues, while understanding ongoing operating needs.Along with cloud architecture, this strategy also includes management systems, improved security, and incident management.

Cloud Security & Compliance

It is our responsibility to assist you with maintaining and monitoring all cloud security standards advised by the key public cloud vendors such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google GCP and Oracle Cloud. How else will you ensure a pleasant cloud experience? Through our meticulous cloud infrastructure testing, we manage and assure seamless cloud infrastructure operation and DevOps infrastructure management. This ensures that your cloud infrastructure and application data are safe through high levels of encryption on object storage and data handling standards with improved cloud features.We proactively identify and counteract risks to valuable information and IT infrastructure systems, enabling safe corporate service delivery and regulatory compliance. We have a reputation for excellence in delivering end-to-end cloud services and technologies.

Cloud Automation

Managing cloud daily IT operations manually is a repeated laborious task, but our approach towards cloud infrastructure automation makes it simpler. Our cloud infrastructure engineering solutions and IT infrastructure support are geared toward automating cloud and daily IT operation tasks, so you can gain more efficiencies, rein rising cloud costs, and complete workflow tasks on the cloud infrastructure with ease. The use of cloud automation ensures that various IT operations are continuously cloud integrated while minimizing daily IT operation management. A time-saving tool, it enables efficient automation for public, private, and hybrid cloud systems.Even as your operations expand, automation enables you to provide services to your clients more quickly and consistently. Automation, in essence, enables smooth resource and service scalability.


Our containerization approaches make it possible for applications and software products to adopt cutting-edge technology smoothly. Our DevOps strategists ensure that the deployment of distributed applications is carefully planned and executed to deliver the best results possible for your whole runtime environment. Through infrastructure best practices, application risk-based integration, critical infrastructure dependencies, the configuration management framework, and risk-free product release pipeline libraries are effectively managed. You may onboard your applications to containers more precisely and with higher efficiency thanks to our experienced containerization team.

DevOps Management

It is difficult to envision a software development system that is error-free and fluid without DevOps Management. Supplying strategic DevOps solutions for establishing a smooth and effective Continuous Integration & Delivery pipeline lifetime. The fully automated application testing, software release incident management process and CICD pipeline lifecycle promote effective DevOps daily operations and the accomplishment of shared application product release goals. Our experience DevOps engineers with configuration management technologies help to achieve error-free product releases, app deployment and rollback to the previous version when needed.

Infrastructure as a Service

Have you ever wondered how your cloud computing services would operate in the event that an incident occurred with IaaS? We make sure you encounter no incident threats at all since we are committed to providing infrastructure as a service with the latest frameworks such as Ansible, Terraform & AWS CloudFormation. Our Cloud DevOps engineering team is committed to meeting infrastructure automation and serverless needs by managing and maintaining servers, storage, networking, cloud services, cloud security, services integration, and related resources. You can dynamically gratify your company's cloud infrastructure automation demands that run smoothly by using an IaaS cloud computing layer.

Cloud Infrastructure Testing

Dealing with unfavorable infrastructure break-down periods has an impact on application scalability and application product public image; therefore, it is crucial to have a strong cloud Infrastructure engineering team that is available around the clock to identify and mitigate the infrastructure risk proactivity. You can count on us for infrastructure elasticity, network load testing, IT infra security testing, and application endpoint monitoring that guarantees productivity, performance, seamless functionality, security, and cloud maintenance. We offer cutting-edge cloud testing solutions that are customised to your company's requirements with a guarantee of little to no downtime and seamless cloud operation.

Hybrid Cloud

Learn how our hybrid cloud architecture, which is built to give you better optimization and enables more seamless communication between various application endpoints, may help you improve control over your application data-sharing model between different -2 accounts. We offer hybrid cloud solutions that give your company a competitive edge by orchestrating administration, IT operations, data migration and app portability. We assure your company continuity over the hybrid cloud with increased security and lower risk management that are all designed according to your organization’s culture. By switching workloads between cloud systems in response to changing demands and costs, a hybrid cloud strategy gives enterprises better flexibility.

Cloud Digital Transformation

With cloud digital transformation, you want a cutting-edge cloud infrastructure that offers cloud optimization, increased security and reduce cloud infra cost. Our cloud transformation solutions focus on gaining better agility, better control of application release, automated infrastructure operation management, reporting, and better infrastructure monitoring with current cloud advancements by ensuring consistency within cloud infrastructure and IT operations. Utilize our revolutionary cloud technologies to accelerate the migration of your applications to the cloud and their digital alignment. Our cloud engineering specialists offer frictionless models that include a range of cloud DevOps services to assist you in creating a scalable digital business.

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