Data Engineering

Today, we have large amounts of real-time data collected by many organizations but are unable to extract actionable insights from it. As a data engineering company, our data engineers always deal with structured and unstructured data to execute large queries, provide personalized data views, optimize dataset, and build well-articulated data models to make better business decisions. Our robust data engineering team will build a stage-wise data transition model through data pipeline frameworks to provide seamless business intelligence solutions.

You can connect with our data engineer to load massive amounts of distributed data available from multiple sources. We can set up a data ecosystem to transform raw data into structured formats for analysis that help you develop new products and services and enhance the customer experience. Our data engineers have experience using cutting-edge tools and cloud services such as Kafka, AWS Glue, Spark, AWS Sage Maker, Amazon S3, Flink, Power BI, and many more.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Development

Big enterprises and early-stage startups use AI and ML development methodologies to empower software products to make accurate business decisions. Using AI/ML algorithms and data modeling techniques our development team can develop, or train AI-driven model to understand user’s intent, provide chatbots solutions, text analysis, Image processing solutions, identify data patterns, data correlations from unstructured data, sales & marketing analytics solutions using POS (point of Sales) data to find out latest market trends, and predictive analysis.

Our AI/ML developers provide expertise in Deep Learning, neural networks, Regression, Decision Trees, Linear, and MLOps for model building and deployment using CI/CD pipeline. Partner with our AI/ML developers to build AI Bots and ML model.

Business Consulting
digital transformation

Customer Experience – UI/UX Design

We work with product development companies wishes to deliver personalised UI/UX user experiences. M/s Checkmate Global Technologies is renowned UI/UX design company that provide information oriented intuitive user interface for mobile apps, SaaS product, e-commerce application, enterprise software and CMS platform. Our UI/UX designer will conduct detailed study on user behaviours, study user personas, clickable information workflow, and understand navigation challenges to build user friendly web design.

Our UX design consulting team will plan a UX design workshop to demonstrate wireframes, Mock-up, prototypes and capture stockholder feedback. We have an experienced UI/UX team to deliver remarkable and visually appealing UI/UX designs for web application and online store.

You can connect with us to hire our UX designers in India for short-term or long-terms projects.

Enterprises Mobility

We are a mobile app development company with experience in delivering feature-rich, custom-built, secure mobile applications that are tailored to meet your app development goals. We consistently emphasized agility, scalability, and providing the best UI/UX design for an incredible user experience while building mobile app solutions. Our handpicked mobile app developers extend expertise in iOS app development, Android app development, and hybrid app development solutions for startups and enterprises.

We are a software development company in the USA that uses agile development methodologies to design, develop, and deploy mobile apps and custom backend development for all platforms. Reach out to our mobile app developers to build innovative, and feature-rich mobile apps. .

Software management consulting
cloud consultancy

SaaS Product Management

We assist SaaS product companies to manage the entire tech stack to complete product development milestones by redefining digital strategy with our digital transformation initiatives. We have experienced software developers in our development team to build a backend framework, scalable product architecture, secure third-party REST API integration, native cloud development, CICD pipeline management and software testing.

Our product development team composition includes a backend developer, a web developer, a mobile app developer, a QA Engineer, a DevOps engineer, a business analyst, and a product engineering manager, who are skilled in practicing industry-standard technical tools to infuse agile development practices.

Our development team has ample amount of hands-on experience and domain expertise to transform your MVP into scalable SaaS-based solutions, Legacy product re-engineering, and production support. Hire our Saas product Lifecycle Management team for cost effective product development.