Impossible, so we offer Cyber Security ensuring your data protection from any external threat.

Managing business on the digital front is not easy when there are security threats and penetrative attacks that can harm your business and brand reputation. It is essential to opt for cyber security that will ensure all is managed well.

We offer our custom made cyber security solutions that are designed to benefit you by providing protection against cyber-attacks, proactively analyzing and providing robust firewall, security solutions designed to reduce cyber threats ensuring that your business information and data are handled and managed in a secured vault.

Training your staff to equip them against threat identification/handling and reporting, securing your system through robust security solutions and ensuring that your employees receive all the information/ training with regard to security awareness for managing cyber security on a 360 degree level covering all the essential aspects.

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Security awareness training

Security awareness training

Needless to say, protecting your system against various threats begin with security awareness, it is only through the proper channels that you and your employees receive security awareness training. Our offerings with security awareness training includes recognizing threats, avoiding threats, awareness of ransomware, viruses, robust password setting, browser security, recognizing/ avoiding phishing attacks and safekeeping and protecting removable media.

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awareness training

Needless to say, protecting your system against various threats begin with security awareness, it is only through the proper channels that you and your employees receive security awareness training. Our offerings with security awareness training includes recognizing threats, avoiding threats, awareness of ransomware, viruses, robust password setting, browser security, recognizing/ avoiding phishing attacks and safekeeping.

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Vulnerability assessment
and penetration testing

Hackers are always out there to manipulate system vulnerability that enables in Pen-attack. Knowing how to keep your systems safe and secure amidst known and unknown threats is essential, we provide vulnerability assessment for determining how vulnerable your system is against prevalent attacks. We ensure that your system is safe against pen-attack that is a part of our penetration testing for implementation and deployment of robust custom made security systems.

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Risk assessment
and compliance

If risk assessment and compliance is not up to the mark then you suffer from risk of exposure to numerous threats that can be well damaging. For the safekeeping and up-to-date of your system it is essential that all the compliances are met with, this is only possible through risk assessment. Ensuring that the gaps between your control environment are identified and dealt with in the right manner through our risk assess ment techniques.

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The efficiency and accuracy of your system may suffer due to lack of or not having proper auditing services to look after the health of your systems. For this reason it is essential that you seek our auditing services that and accuracy with regard to your processes and systems. With our auditing services we additionally provide ensure digital analysis and assessment of the technological structure of your company that is essential in maintaining efficiency support for managing system security.

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Application Security

How will you ensure that your web application is secure from external known and unknown threats? The only way is to have all the security processes in place with robust web application security running for you. We offer web application security as a part and parcel of our digital security package. Managing the complexity of source code, checking/ proactively taking measures for security exploits and vulnerabilities with regard to application.

Cyber Security Solutions

Cyber Forensics and
Fraud Investigation

Applying our investigative expertise with our professional cyber forensics and fraud investigation, we ensure that your systems are protected and proactively secured against cyber frauds. The tools, techniques and unique investigation methodology ensures that digital evidence, crime against or involving any such threat is dealt with in a proper manner. Any illicit use of your systems or devices or software is all investigated by our proactive cyber forensics team that is expert at handling it all.

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Your data is never secured once it is online, without proper cloud security there are numerous threats including data manipulation and data transfer for conducting illicit activities harmful to your business. We provide cloud security to ensure that your applications and systems along with IP and data are secured online. Managing the entire cloud computing infrastructure with our expert technology engineers, ensuring set of policies are complied.

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Application Security

Your sensitive data pertaining to your business is not secured even within your mobile application, it can be used and manipulated by external threats. To ensure that your data is safe and the information exchange via mobile application is secure, it is essential to have a robust mobile application security offered by us as your secure channel for managing it all. Access to information through secured means, communication, data security, handling sensitive application information.

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Third- party access to any sensitive information exchanged online can wreak havoc on your business, so it requires cryptography that ensures that any such incidents are well dealt with. We ensure that our cryptography service will provide security to your data and sensitive information that would be secured from any third-party access. Proactively ensuring and managing your sensitive data exchange in a secured manner that would avoid it from external threats.

Cyber Security Advisory Services

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DevSecOps services
for application security

Not having security for your applications would lead to facing unwanted security incidents and security threats. For this reason we provide DevSecOps services for your application security that is driven to provide software security, quality, compliance and risk management with relation to any security issue. Building of digitally advanced technology and processes that are secure with inclusion of on demand security dedicated towards automation of applications and integration of secure software especially made for your business. Streamlining the process of security checks for improved security for your applications is our core focus. Integrating app tools and DevOps pipelines without compromising on security issues and system speed is our area of providing complete DevSecOps services.

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Not knowing how to counter threats is the biggest challenge in security, but with us you will be able to equip yourself with the best response against any threat prevalent in the digital world. Our red teaming solutions are designed and geared to provide response threat and counter response to threat incidents/scenarios with out of box approach. We ensure that we are able to detect, identify and respond to threats that come from the outside world on internal systems, by our approach of red teaming we imitate cyber threat scenarios to ensure that your system including storage, networks, physical assets, devices and much more are ready with robust security to counter it all.

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posture review

How would you know if your cyber security is up to the mark before it is too late? We ensure that your systems are up and running with zero security issues through our security posture review solutions that are focused upon checking your cyber security defenses. Our experts are well equipped with advanced tools to mitigate cyber security incidents and take measures proactively to avoid any such threat that is or can damage your systems.

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Threat detection
and response

We understand the need for businesses to have secure data and digitally secure operations on cloud and within your organization, so we are ready to provide you with threat detection and response solutions designed for your business. Deployed with various technical security tools and solutions that are capable of quickly and accurately identifying any imminent network threats or application threats along with threats to any assets within the network.


Data privacy
and protection

Knowing your data and sensitive information is always at threat without a privacy and protection solution is the worst-case scenario of cyber threat. We are dedicated to providing data privacy that will ensure that your data is secured against unauthorized manipulation, sharing and data stealing in any way. Through our implementation and deployment of data privacy and protection solutions your data is protected against unlawful access and or usage in any way in the cyber world.