Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation

Quickly scale up the existing development team to meet your skill requirements.

Hire a Developer
Dedicated Development team

Dedicated Development Team

Hire a fully managed development team when your product features are in the exploration phase.

Hire a Dedicated Development Team

For Potential Changes in Project Scope,
A Dedicated Development Team May Be An Ideal

Cloud DevOps Engineering

Cloud DevOps Engineering

Hire a dedicated DevOps engineering team of skilled engineers to manage daily infrastructure operations. Our Cloud DevOps team will help you choose risk-free architecture and tools to maintain critical production services uptime, transform product release pipelines, manage daily operations, infuse infrastructure automation, and ensure infrastructure security.

Early age startup MVP Development

Early Age Startup MVP Development

Building a dedicated development team from scratch can be a great choice for early-stage startup product development when your idea is still at the exploration stage. Our MVP development process includes requirement analysis, product design, backend development, testing engineering, production deployment, and support.

Complex Product Development

Complex Product Development

The dedicated development team model is suitable for end-to-end Product development requires a unique set of experts to collaborate closely from one location and build a user-centric product that resolves specific business challenges. We help you choose a high-performance custom development team with the necessary skills to develop your product from scratch

Product Lifecycle Management

Product Lifecycle Management

The dedicated team model is best to maintain post-product release support, bug fixes, daily IT operation management, SaaS products management, incident management, change management, and infrastructure management. Our 24x7x365 support team is committed to delivering enterprise-class, worldwide support for your success

Are You Looking For Long-term Software Development Partner

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Are you looking for long-term software development partner

Our Flexible Engagement Models Benefit Businesses of All Sizes

  Staff Augmentation Dedicated Team  Freelancer
Developer Onboarding Time 1 Day - 1 Week 1 Day - 1 Week 1 Day - 4 Week
Replacement Turnaround Time 5 to 10 Days   5 to 10 Days   N/A
Resource Attrition Risk Low   Low    Very High
On-demand Scaling Yes Yes N/A
Resource Management You Checkmate N/A
Development Scope Management You You and Checkmate You
Product Release Planning You You and Checkmate N/A
Product Risk Management You You and Checkmate You
Infrastructure and Resource Assets Checkmate Checkmate N/A

Hire a Software Developer in 5 Simple Steps

Hire a Software Developer in 5 Simple Steps
Are you looking for long-term software development partner

Our Technology Stack

How a strong, dedicated team of developers can help you increase the efficiency of your ongoing product development.

Why Choose Checkmate

Strong technical screeningStrong Technical

We'll assist you in finding dedicated software developers who have a strong grasp of the backend, frontend, QA, DevOps, UI/UX, or DevOps. We boast about our elite software engineering team of highly skilled, proficient software experts, who are meticulously screened and among the finest in the business.

Effective communication and transparencyEffective Communication
and Transparency

At Checkmate global technologies, effective collaboration is a crucial component of all of our processes. We always keep you fully informed of the progression and development of your software project. We offer the degree of detail and communication format that you and your clientele settled upon.

Seamless integration with your time zoneSeamless Integration
With Your Time Zone

To deal with time zone variations, we have agile methodologies. From setting up an asynchronous communication strategy, emailing logs to management, and holding daily scrum meetings with the offshore development team.

Contracts and ConfidentialityContracts and

We are prepared to share a completely ‘executed NDA for the privacy of your software project. You get a committed software development team that you can manage completely without having to deal with administrative hassles.

Real-Time Development MonitoringReal-Time Development

In order to analyse system performance, identify anomalies, and fix problems, we give constant updates streaming at zero or low latency, collecting data sporadically throughout the project infrastructure from physical hardware and virtualized systems to networking and security levels.

Fully equipped infrastructureFully Equipped

From system design to frontend and backend development to post-delivery maintenance, we cover the full spectrum of software technologies and programming languages that you may require for your project

Agile Development MethodologiesAgile Development

To keep our quality control procedures at the level demanded by ISO 9001, we follow coding standards and use comprehensive software testing. Each person in our team has an agile mindset and puts forth great effort to accomplish the desired results.

Dedicated Delivery TeamDedicated
Delivery Team

Domain specialists oversee the team from a single location and are in charge of assisting you in meeting your deadlines. To shorten the time it takes to produce a software product, we take into account complex software expertise, cutting-edge technology stack, and the team's experience

High employee retentionHigh Employee

We have the ability as an organization to manage our employees and ensure 100% sustainability. Our HR experts, office managers, and system admins make sure that the working environment for your development team is ideal.