Insight For Your Business

Boost your business’s resilience strategy with us!

The term "Business Insight Service" applies to a cloud-based service that gives shrewdness to businesses and assists them in developing action plans to achieve their objectives. Our clients in the BFSI, gaming, ecommerce, startups, retail, media, and telecommunications sectors benefit from tailored solutions in business benchmarking, process and product development, field audits, and market research.

Transforming data into meaningful insight necessitates the use of the appropriate technologies and personnel with the necessary abilities. Analytics and software are used in private, constantly optimized loops by us to differentiate and compete in the market for turning data into insight.

We've developed a number of Product Lifecycle Management solutions to help you easily digitize and maintain the whole product lifecycle, from product conception to design, production, installation, maintenance, and retirement. We develop innovative Product Lifecycle Management products for the high-tech, life sciences industries and retail, as well as providing services and solutions.

We consume kanban workflow management technique for defining, controlling, and optimising knowledge work services. Its goal is to assist you in visualising your task, maximising productivity, and continuously improving.

Product Lifecycle Management

Let Us Take Care Of Your End-to-end Product Lifecycle Management!

Checkmate’s Product Lifecycle Management is converged on remitting visibility of product and performance throughout your elongated organization by integrating data, knowledge, and business processes and making them accessible. More than merely innovation capabilities are enabled by our Product Lifecycle Management services.

We assist enterprises to transform the way they manage product-related activities by using the company's intellectual assets and overcoming functional, enterprise, and regional boundaries.

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Customer Experience

Customer-centric approach, we provide a delightful customer experience!

Envision, develop, and deliver human-centered, customer-centric experiences that support you to grow your digital transformation and achieve your goals. Customer experience implies how a customer thinks about their synergies with your firm. The tone of your website and the transaction procedure, as well as the quality of conversations with customer support and a self-service chatbot, can all influence this view.

The amount and range of results a client achieves from an engagement, the ease with which they do it, and the relative joy and satisfaction obtained from it are all factors that influence the perceived value of any customer experience. And we take care of all of it.

Business Transformation

Own The Disruption With Our Business Transformation Strategy!

When it comes to modernizing their firms, executives have a lot of questions. Checkmate can assist in finding solutions. Latest technical development, evolving market needs, evolving competition strategies, new regulatory requirements, and more activist investors are just a few of the forces that are constantly affecting firms today.

Checkmate can help your firm rethink, redesign, and apply fundamental changes to your business and operating models, allowing you to save money, pursue a new strategic route, and maximize value in the face of change.

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Process Engineering

Convert your ideas into products with agility!

Process engineering is concerned with the comprehension and utilization of basic engineering principles in order to convert raw materials and energy into a finished product with the help of agile methodologies. As a result, process engineering services include system conception, good governance, risk assessment, optimization, and vibrant communication among all stack holders.

When an engineering firm adopts a turnkey strategy, allowing it to handle all systems, the customer benefits from consistent outcomes and a faster time to market than specialized firms.

Checkmate helps with modular and stick-built process system design, engineering, project management, fabrication, and commissioning. Among the services we offer are process engineering services that aid in process optimization, control, and environmental design.