Risk Management

Many businesses choose Checkmate as a partner to assist them in assessing and improving risk management.

Risk management enables companies to improve the quality of project management processes and governance from the initial decision to the final delivery of project outputs. Risk management promotes dialogue among all stakeholders and sponsors while also promoting realistic methods, plans, and project estimates. You must understand the risk management maturity, procedures, methodology, organization, culture, technologies, and supervision structures of the organization/project.

Platform Engineering

Checkmate's end-to-end Platform Engineering services assist customers in getting engineering efforts.

The concomitant move from monolithic to microservice based architectures, containerization, and so on, have presented enterprises with both new opportunities and novel technical issues. The new normal has compelled businesses to focus on the adoption of collaborative engineering processes in order to accelerate platform development, safeguard the digital and physical worlds, and automate procedures across PDLC and operations.

Checkmate assists customers in shouldering these obligations by providing assistance at various points of their transformation journey, such as strategizing, building, moving, deploying, sustaining, or supporting operations.

Technology Services

Accelerate your digital transformation by gaining the ability to operate from the edge to the cloud.

Checkmate technology services can assist you in staying ahead of trends and concentrating on business innovation. reduce the complexity of the project lifecycle. We provide Cyber Security Services, DevOps, DevSecOps, cloud computing, product management, platform engineering, and application development services. Our technology services are highly professional services that help businesses and end consumers use technology more effectively. By merging the processes and functions of the software and networks, we create customized technology-oriented solutions.

Our technology services are tailored to the needs of critical businesses and enterprises. Services range from basic to business application software. Technology services include application development and integration.


Unshackle automation to lead in the New.

Our automation services combine analytics, Cloud automation, DevOps automation, artificial intelligence, and MLOps. Whether it's a chatbot or another solution, we'll assist you to decide how to utilize it, which technologies to utilize, and how to ensure it's adopted throughout your organization.

Self-learning procedures can assist you in empowering people, strengthening customer relationships, and opening up new avenues for innovation. Although you may have had success with ad hoc automation, most businesses have been unable to scale these benefits across the organisation. Whether due to a lack of qualified employees or a clear vision from the top, automation investments are expanding without ever reaching their full potential.

You must take a company-wide approach to be successful. This requires not only the use of AI to improve operations, but also the development of new learning procedures to go along with it. It's a new method of working that's backed up by organizational change and constant retraining. What is the reward? To solve and foresee your most pressing problems, both current and future, you'll mix the best of human innovation with self-optimizing AI.

Digital Operations

Checkmate's Digital Operations Solutions provide an agile perspective to digital transformation.

By first analysing Logs data and organizational structure for real-time operational visibility, then detecting nuanced incidents within a sea of anomalies and alerts, and finally dynamically predicting potential failures,

Our Digital Operations team helps with the supervision of the entire technology innovation lifecycle as well as the seamless customer experience.

We use our own Simplification by DesignTM strategy to assess and optimize business and operating models through smart automation, and service innovation. With service management, PMO, PPM, We also help enterprises run IT as a company successfully and efficiently. This enhances the robustness of operations by streamlining delivery and optimizing business processes.