Our Technology Solutions for Ruby on Rails Development

Offering a range of Ruby on Rails Development Services with some aroma of technical expertise of our Coffee makers (developers). The range of flavors are before you

Ruby on Rails
web development

Ruby on Rails web development lets you have a platform that is reliable for making database backend applications. It will leverage the benefits of Ruby web programming. Our Ruby developers at Checkmate build architecturally clean and high quality web applications using HTML. To know whether this is the right for your process contact us.

Ruby on Rails CMS
development services

Ruby on Rails CMS development services helps you to have customer management platform that caters to all your needs of scaling up and knowing the needs of your customers. Get in touch with senior consultants at Checkmate to know more about the benefits of the same.

Hire Ruby on Rails

Do want to Hire Ruby on Rails Rails developer for building web tools and/or application? Get the best deal on Checkmate platform and hire the best talent for your project. These developers will prove to be the star assets for your organization making every penny you spend on them count.

Ruby on Rails

We at Checkmate are there for you when you make the jump with Ruby on Rails Migration. Our excellent team of senior developers will make sure you retain the best of legacy system while shifting you to the new platform. Your office will not realize the migration while you are ready for next level efficient applications

Ruby on Rails
application re-engineering

Get the best out of your applications by using Ruby on Rails application re-engineering. For realizing this goal hire the best developers from Checkmate and get the platform of the future built for you custom made. To know more about this service contact us and get free quote today.

Ruby on Rails
application testing

Increase your application’s reliability by doing Ruby on Rails application testing regularly. This will ensure minimum failure and make the application robust. The team that you hire via Checkmate will ensure that you reach your business goals without worrying about the usual bottlenecks. Get free quote today for the services.

Ruby on Rails
architecture consulting

Checkmate is the best company for all your Ruby on Rails architecture consulting needs. We are the best in the industry when it comes to in house talent on Ruby and Ruby on rails object oriented programming. Call our experts to know about how to best your assets to use and get the best results from it.

Ruby on Rails
API development

Ruby on Rails API development is a must for applications as they will be able to communicate with third party software and applications easily. The development of API is made easy by our developers at Checkmate who will take care of all your present and future needs.

Ruby on Rails
apps support & maintenance

Get 24/7 Ruby on Rails apps support & maintenance and be online always without worrying about application down time. Our service at Checkmate includes deployment support and then continues till your application is running live catering to your users. Regular updates and patches are also te part of the agreement you will do with us.

Our developers technical expertises in Ruby on Rails development

Come up with a question and our dedicated Ruby on Rails developers will come up with best technical solutions.
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Rest API
  • E2E development
  • MVC, Mocking
  • ORM
  • blob stores
  • NoSQL
  • key-value stores
  • Resque
  • RSpec
  • Slim
  • Liquid
  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Ajax
  • jQuery
  • MongoDB
  • ReactJS
  • VueJS
  • Solr
  • Elasticsearch
  • AWS
  • PostgreSQL

Benefits of Setting up Offshore Engineering Team

  Checkmate offshore
Engineering Team
Zero Overheads
For offshore Payroll, expenses, and compliances, benefits, days off, etc. is taken care of by us while you have zero overheads.
Very high
An in-house team will be working on many projects at a time and hence will have to prioritize and this can lead to lack of focus.
Account management Team
An offshore team will be dedicated to the project you employ them and hence will be more effective in completing the project as they are focused.
An in-house team will be working on many projects at a time and hence will have to prioritize and this can lead to lack of focus.
With an off shore team it is easy to upscale and down-scale the team as you have the option of changing the team with every project.
With an in-house team is governed by the laws of the land and hence down-sizing and up-scaling will carry some costs.
50% Cost reduction
An off shore team saves you the running costs under many heads like hiring cost leading to almost 50% Cost reduction.
An off shore team saves you the running costs under many heads like hiring cost leading to almost 50% Cost reduction.
Easy Exit
An off shore team can be employed project wise and you have the option of easy exit from the project after completion.
An in-house team is a group of permanent employees and exiting from a project after completion is not possible.
Resources Onboarding Time
With an off shore team you can pick and choose and the resource on boarding is done within a week by us.
With an in-house team the resource on boarding will take time as you will have to take care of many aspects of team building.
Development Practices
Assured uptime
An offshore team that we build follows standard practices of software development which will give you clean code.
For an in-house team to follow standard practices of software development, you will need to train then and that is extra cost.
Hassle-free production
Assured uptime
The offshore team will give you hassle free production as the deadlines decided by you are met with ease as the team is experienced.
The in-house team needs to be built carefully over a period of time and yet you will have to train them regularly for hassle free production.

Our Engagement Model

Engage the top 5% of Ruby on Rails developer to accelerate product development risk-free for 7 days. Our first-class Ruby on Rails developer can scale up at any time

Get a quote for Ruby on
Rails Development services

Schedule a meeting with our technical consultants to discuss your project scope, delivery schedule, and estimated cost.

Hire a dedicated
Ruby on Rails Developer

Schedule a meeting with our technical consultants to avail excessive discount on monthly pricing.

Why Choose Checkmate

Checkmate has acquired the Best Practices of software development and uses modern frameworks with hybrid architecture for building excellent applications

7-day risk-free trial

We are offering 1-week trial period minimizing risk for you. Test the Developer technical capabilities and in your organization’s work environment and continue on full satisfaction. We are sure of our partnership!

Our Team Works based on Your needs

We are confident of knowing your needs and matching the skill set we have, bridging the gaps if any. Our experienced and proficient Account management team will judge and work on your specific technology.

Exclusive Team for every account

Specialized teams for with a TAM (team Account Manager) and Technical Architect is what we offer to you as a starter. They will provide proper guidance and mentorship to developers to ensure on time delivery.

Reliable offshore technology partner

Driving your business forward with 99.9% uptime of your software product while being on time in error free product delivery is our motto. We take care of your cyber security engaging stack holders for you.


We will schedule daily stand ups, weekly sprint updates and schedule QBR meetings in order to share success stories and take product updates. Complete transparency is guaranteed for stage of project and ability of developer.

Seamless communication

The account management team is available 24x7 assisting in all situations. We ensure that your software development is on time, actively ironing out of roadblocks and proactive solutions that will give you peace of mind.

Intellectual property rights are Safe With Us

We provide you risk free software development with our ISO 27001 driven process which ensures a secure environment for your investment and intellectual property. Special care is taken for protection of assets of the organization.

High employee retention

Development and learning from the best in the industry keeps our people motivated and stable in our folds, coupled with favorable environment for innovation. The HR leadership counsel and handle grievance while motivating the team.

Our resource onboarding procedure

Providing in house and niche software developers who have been on boarded as per the industry quality standards and your product requirements. They will make indispensable contribution to your product development with deep technology knowledge.

Access The Best

We have the best set of developers and engineers who have been vetted for knowledge and experience. Collaborate with Checkmate to get access to the excellent talent who will gel with your product development team.

Synchronised Collaboration

Our developers will work 160 committed hours and will be available for additional 6 hours every month, for all exceptions that arise. Also, the developers working for you will work in your home time zone.

Process to Hire

Wishing to hire for Growth? With our team, you are guaranteed quick scaling to offshore java development and speeding up releases wit


Our team has worked very hard to build a team of developers who are top-notch. They are among the top 1% in this domain in the area, and hence dissatisfaction is rare. However, if this happens there is a guarantee of replacement or refund.

Definitely, the CV of the software developer that has been screened for your project will be sent to you for final review. You also have the option of scheduling an interview with the candidate.

Before engaging with a client we have the practice of signing the NDA. This ensures that the client is confident that their ideas and confidentiality are safe with us. Be assured of your safety.

We offer post-project completion one month support to all our clients. You can avail the offer and get support even after the completion of the project. You just need to talk to our project managment team to get the details of the offer.

It is very much possible to hire a developer for hourly rates and also for project-based tasks. But it is beneficial for both parties to clarify the scope of work and expectations before taking up the project.

According to the methodology that we follow, there will be minimum of 5 members assigned in the primary stage. There will be additions to the team when the project is on the floor as per the requirement.

We have two options of the price that you can take up. One is the flexible option of $20 per hour and also there is another option of fixed $2400 per month. You can choose the option that suits your needs. We can also customize the model as per your needs.

The account management team is the contact point for all your needs and issues. Also, there is a dedicated Accounts Manager who will listen to all your queries and resolve them.

There is a free trial period of 7 days, which is an arrangement made so that you can check the sustainability of the arrangement. If you like it, continue for as long as you want. In case you are not satisfied, you will not be billed.

We can easily help you upscale your team by adding dedicated software developers, and also downsize by removing the not-required members and placing them n any other project. It is totally based on your need.