Our Technology Solutions for WordPress Development

Offering a range of WordPress Development Services with some aroma of technical expertise of our Coffee makers (developers). The range of flavors are before you


WordPress is the most popular tool for development of websites and blogs on the web and WordPress development is also in demand at Checkmate. It is a content management system with built in tools to make the basic framework. They also have paid plugins and themes which will be needed while making a professional website.

Support & Maintenance

We have specialized teams for WordPress Support & maintenance with expertise in security. Any error on the platform can be resolved by our team quickly and you will have the best worry free experience. We provide the services 24/7 for our esteemed clients while giving insights into how to progress further in growing your business.

Hire WordPress

Hire WordPress Developer from our bunch of vetted WordPress developer who have worked in many kinds of environments. Our teams of experts are having the experience and expertise you need for your project. Payment mode flexibility is available, and you have the option of hourly, monthly or project wise.


Wordpress migration is done by our team of expert engineers making it smooth process. The process involves (1) Choosing a new WordPress host (2) Backing up the files a dn data (3) Create a new SQL database for importing data (4) upload old website (5) Configure and change the DNS. We also use plugin migration.

theme development

We at Checkmate have a WordPress Theme Development team that is specialized in making custom themes just for you. These themes will help you to create a unique design and function for your site. Each theme that we make is patented for the client so that it cannot be duplicated by anyone else.


WordPress testing includes many things like form testing, plugin testing, theme testing and also the template testing. This can be done manually or by an automated process. The team at Checkmate uses automated process and also visual manual testing in order to orrect all the errors that are there or can occur.

plugin development

WordPress plugin development helps you to create short machines that will help your website become dynamic. Checkmate will help you with creating robust plugins with multi functions. This is done to empower your website by adding excellent features while still taking care of costs by optimizing resources.

WordPress Third Party
API Integration

Get WordPress third party API integration done with ease with help of our team of professionals. We at Checkmate will do it by (1) Getting key for REST API (2) Create a child theme (3) Custom page template will be made. (4) integration of home page with the template is done (5) finally the template is used for adding new pages

WordPress security
posture assessment

One of the main issues with the feature rich WordPress is security and hence WordPress security posture assessment needs to be done regularly. The website is checked for any logged errors and security breaches and the same is corrected at that moment. The thing to focus is that it is a continuous process.

Our Technology stack for WordPress solutions

We believe in providing answers to increasing your product development capacity.
We specialize in
  • DesktopServer
  • WPML
  • GIT
  • Flexbox
  • Divi
  • Sublime
  • Genesis
  • Tesla
  • WPZoom
  • RTL tester
  • WP-CLI
  • Generate WP
  • Duplicator
  • Roots.io
  • Trellis
  • Bedrock
  • Sage
  • Fontello
  • Uilang
  • Font Awesome
  • Sketch

Our Engagement Model

Engage the top 5% of WordPress developer to accelerate product development risk-free for 14 days. Our first-class WordPress developer can scale up at any time

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Development services

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Our team has worked very hard to build a team of developers who are top-notch. They are among the top 1% in this domain in the area, and hence dissatisfaction is rare. However, if this happens there is a guarantee of replacement or refund.

Definitely, the CV of the software developer that has been screened for your project will be sent to you for final review. You also have the option of scheduling an interview with the candidate.

Before engaging with a client we have the practice of signing the NDA. This ensures that the client is confident that their ideas and confidentiality are safe with us. Be assured of your safety.

We offer post-project completion one month support to all our clients. You can avail the offer and get support even after the completion of the project. You just need to talk to our project managment team to get the details of the offer.

It is very much possible to hire a developer for hourly rates and also for project-based tasks. But it is beneficial for both parties to clarify the scope of work and expectations before taking up the project.

According to the methodology that we follow, there will be minimum of 5 members assigned in the primary stage. There will be additions to the team when the project is on the floor as per the requirement.

We have two options of the price that you can take up. One is the flexible option of $20 per hour and also there is another option of fixed $2400 per month. You can choose the option that suits your needs. We can also customize the model as per your needs.

The account management team is the contact point for all your needs and issues. Also, there is a dedicated Accounts Manager who will listen to all your queries and resolve them.

There is a free trial period of 14 days, which is an arrangement made so that you can check the sustainability of the arrangement. If you like it, continue for as long as you want. In case you are not satisfied, you will not be billed.

We can easily help you upscale your team by adding dedicated software developers, and also downsize by removing the not-required members and placing them n any other project. It is totally based on your need.